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Janae R., age 42

I have always been “athletic” and “active” -- high school sports, swimming through college, bagged a couple of marathons and several half marathons, a couple triathlons and a bike race, several spartan/obstacle races and have been active in CrossFit since 2014.  However, it wasn’t until I began aging past 35 or so that I noticed I was putting on weight, losing muscle tone, and looking different than I wanted to.  Throughout all the years of various sports, I had never paid much attention to nutrition---just calories in, calories out.  When I wanted to lose weight, I worked out more.  I had “dieted” by tracking/limiting calories in previous years with some success, but ultimately found it to be quite restrictive calorically speaking to reach the desired weight and maintain it while living an active lifestyle. 

I started PR Nutrition Coaching with Paul in July 2021 after talking with a few coaches at the gym about my struggles with weight gain. They had several other members find success on his plan. Prior to contacting Paul, I was noticing that I was going to the gym very regularly (4-5X/week) and working hard each day while there; however, I wasn’t losing any weight, and in fact seemed to be gaining it.  I was seeing a number on the scale I had never seen before and vowed it wouldn’t get any higher. 

Paul was very responsive, welcoming, and personable and took the time to meet with me in person to go over his program, the logistics, the weekly check in process, the macro tracking apps available etc.  He even offered to help with meal prep or food planning if needed.  Once I got started, I found it to be kind of “fun” to puzzle my food to fit the given macros each day. I like to eat a variety of foods and rather than eat the same thing day after day because the macros fit; I ended up puzzling with different food combinations most days and could generally come very close to the prescribed macros.  This flexibility to eat mostly what I want each day made the plan very achievable. It took some time to start seeing results but in time, the weight started to come off.   By the end of August 2021, I had lost 10lbs and was beginning to see changes in how my clothes were fitting.  By Thanksgiving, I had lost 20lbs and was beginning to think I was nearing the lowest of any number I had ever seen on the scale as an adult!  All the while, I was working out 3-5X per week and eating more than 1600 calories per day—which was more food than in my previous “dieting” attempts.  I wasn’t starving—and didn’t have to kill myself in the gym to see results. People around me started noticing my weight loss and their comments served to encourage me to keep working hard. 

During this same time of working on my nutrition, I was navigating perhaps the largest setback in my life.  A very stressful time that in years past I may have turned to food or alcohol as a coping mechanism. Instead, this program gave me something to strive for, a weekly goal to keep focused on, and Paul to hold me accountable!  At a time when self-confidence, self-image, and overall happiness had plummeted, the success I found working with Paul and developing a better relationship with food played a huge role in restoring my confidence and belief in myself. 

My weekly check-ins with Paul were always met with professionalism and his responses were genuine and informative. While I am a bit more social than I am guessing he’d like (meaning, I ate and drank “off plan” more often than I he’d like) as my nutrition coach, he was great at motivating me to get back on track and not get too down about poor choices made in days past.  All that to say---I didn’t eat perfectly all the time, and still enjoyed a glass of wine (or three) on a few too many occasions, and I still found success in the process.  Perfection isn’t required, but consistency is key! Paul is a great motivator and emulates what he teaches his clients in his own life and athletic goals. He is easy to communicate with and is quick to respond to any questions or troubles that come up along the way. 

In total, I have lost 27lbs (almost 18% of my body weight) over 8 months and have lost over 11 inches between my chest/waist/hips.  However, it is the ability to carry myself with confidence and a more positive self-image that I am most grateful for developing along the way. While I am still committed to continuing to work at creating my new self, and as Paul will say “it is a lifelong journey,” I am proud of the progress I have made with PR Nutrition and am driven to push harder to see where this can go! 

Untitled design_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

When I decided to try PRNC I was somewhat skeptical about another diet method as other methods had not resonated or worked with me for any length of time. But I wanted to give it a chance anyway. I wanted to first improve my health. My family history is filled with heart health problems. I did not want to simply accept that for myself. First I wanted to improve overall health, lose weight, feel better, and improve performance in the gym. 

I started with PRNC on 6/22/21

Paul has been my coach the entire program

I have shed ~25 lbs,

Working with Paul has been great! The conversations and coaching I have received from Paul has been respectful, genuine, supportive, and has made the program easy to follow. I was amazed by how well my body adjusted to the program. It does take determination and focus to achieve success. I have had several occasions where I made poor choices with food while on the program, but you can refocus and get back to it without it wrecking all of your progress. I don't even eat the "cleanest" that I can and it still works! I know I can still make more improvements (always more to learn about ourselves). 

Health improvements- I recently had blood work done to see if any improvements were made there.

                          2020      2021

HDL- good       33           46

LDL- bad          144        119

Cholesterol      208        182

Triglycerides    153        78

Body fat %        20+%     14.7%

Thank you PRNC for helping me change my life!

Testimonial: Client Testimonials

Working with Coach Paul has been incredible. I was able to accomplish my goals within a few months. While on the program I have felt more energized and strong than I ever have before. Coach Paul was there for support and whatever questions I had. Him and I were able to navigate the complications of my diabetes. He helped me make any adjustments that were needed because of this and was always encouraging when I was feeling frustrated with trying to track macros and manage my blood sugar. Without his support, there is no way I would be as confident in myself as I am today.

Allison C.


I joined my current gym on December 1, 2019.  The classes and staff were great, but after six months of working out 4-5 times per week, I wasn’t seeing the results I hoped for.  I knew the classes were challenging enough, so the missing link had to be nutrition.   I met Paul through the gym and started working with PR Nutrition on May 27th 2020.  When I signed up with PR Nutrition, I had two goals: to lose weight and improve my overall fitness. 
Working with PR Nutrition was more than just eating to specified macros.  That was certainly part of the process, but in addition to nutrition counseling, I got unlimited guidance, and support.  Whenever I had a question or didn’t understand something, all I had to do was ask.  Every single question was answered with a detailed explanation, no matter how many times I asked.  When progress slowed or my resolve started to fade, I could reach out to Paul and vent my frustrations or concerns without judgement.  I was met with patience and encouragement every step of the way.  After 13 months with PR Nutrition Coaching, I have lost 40 pounds.  My relationship with food has changed forever and my fitness has improved dramatically.  I can work out harder than ever and I feel confident in difficult workouts.  Working with PR Nutrition has been life changing and I would recommend this program to anyone in need of nutrition coaching.

Stephanie Z.


I have been grateful to work with Coach Paul the past seven months.  During this time, I have seen incredible results. These results are not just physical but also mental.  Through my partnership with Paul I have learned about nutrition, macros, and creating healthy and sustainable habits. 

 With Coach Paul’s approach, there are never foods that have to be eliminated.  It is more about tracking and knowing your macro goals each day.  We work together to slowly introduce healthier options then it becomes second nature, and you want to eat healthier things!

After nearly eight years of struggling to lose weight and keep it off, I have finally found a program that I can say is truly working for me and my lifestyle.  Paul has given me the guidance I needed to find a path to a healthier and happier me.  Having the support of Paul along with my husband who helped me get started and keep me accountable has made a huge difference in my success.  Not only am I seeing results physically, but mentally I feel so much better as well.  My mind is clearer, I can focus on activities with my kids, I am more motivated at work and overall, I just feel great!

Jennifer H.


April T.

I have always been an active person.  I did several sports throughout school (track, cross country, volleyball, basketball).  I love to ride my bike and took it instead of driving.  That passion turned into several century (100 mile) bike rides--The Death Ride, Cinderella, Tour De Sequoia, CSU ride, etc....  I started teaching fitness classes when my boys were very young.  I still teach now and love it some 20 years later.  How great to get paid to workout and motivate people! 

Eating has always been an issue for me as I have a very sensitive stomach.  So to avoid having these issues I would under-eat or not eat at all.  That worked out fine until I turned 50!  The weight started to pack on, which for me was hard because I never had issues with my weight or losing any if needed.  Add on getting a total hip replacement last May and only being able to walk for 12 weeks, my body & mindset were a mess.  I saw my other gym friends working with Paul and thought it was time I tried something new, and holding myself accountable with his help. 

After a Maui trip last October and being very disappointed in my body and not feeling comfortable in my own skin I spoke with Paul.  Normally if I set my mind to something  do it, no problems.  But Paul was asking me to eat more in one day than I usually ate in 2.  It was a very hard concept for me to grasp, eat more, fuel your body, loose some weight, and gain lean muscle mass.  I struggled for several months.  He was very patient with my learning process and encouraged me with each check in.  Remember the stomach issues, eating as much as I was supposed to, proved to be an almost impossible task for me.  I eat Paleo so I had a hard time fitting in my macros with what agreed with my stomach.  Mentally I wanted to quit, thinking no way will this ever work for me.  Paul kept encouraging me to stay the course and to try and be consistent with my food.  Week after week it got easier to hit my macros goals.  Paul told me to take baby steps, meet protein goal first (which was the hardest one for me to meet).  Then slowly add the others.  After a month I had no problem hitting green for my protein, fat, & carbohydrates.  7 month in my weight is pretty consistent and not that much lower than when I started, but my body composition has changed drastically.  I'm stronger than I've ever been and have the lean muscle mass I was working for.  

Paul has continued to guide me in maintaining the muscle by fueling my body in all my workouts.  His support has been so valuable to me.  Being 51 and never knowing how to support my body properly in all I was asking it to do was a recipe for disaster!  Age is a great thing and knowing that I can continue to make gains if I'm willing to put in the work (food & workouts) is awesome!  Not only am I comfortable in my own skin & clothes again, but I'm continuing a healthy lifestyle that will allow me to do the things I enjoy.  Without Paul's guidance I'd be stuck in a cycle that wouldn't afford me that luxury

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